Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Muncho Lake, Alaska Highway

9 September 2015 - Wednesday

It was a bit chilly last night but not too bad. Not as chilly as our winter RV trips up the Alaska Highway. We woke to a beautiful morning!

Muncho Lake morning
Morning on Muncho Lake, looking north

Muncho Lake fall colours and mountains
Fall colours and sunshine at Muncho Lake

We wanted to get some kayaking in, but the wind had come up here, blowing from the south. So we decided to drive south to the Strawberry Flats campground and try kayaking there.

Alaska Highway along Muncho Lake
Driving south along Muncho Lake on the Alaska Highway

It was calmer at the south end of the lake so we unloaded the kayaks and headed out.

Kayaking on Muncho Lake
Kayaking on Muncho Lake

After getting back to the campsite, it was time to walk the dogs. There is a trail on the west side of the existing Alaska Highway - the trail follows the old Alaska Highway alignment. There's a bit of uphill climbing on a good trail.

Sign for the Old Alaska Highway trail at Muncho Lake
Sign with information about the Old Alaska Highway hiking trail

Dog walk on the Old Alaska Highway at Muncho Lake
Walking the dogs on the old Alaska Highway trail at Muncho Lake

The views are quite nice along this trail.

Old Alaska Highway at Muncho Lake
Old Alaska Highway alignment hike

There was recent work done on the drainage channels. All the gravel on the lower left of the next picture had been freshly bulldozed. The AK Hwy runs on the right side along the lake.

View from the old Alaska Highway
Drainage channel on the left, AK Hwy in the middle, campground on the right

Snow melt runoff channel at Muncho Lake
Looking west on the drainage channel. Maybe a good hike up that way!

It was a quiet evening at the campground. Not many people are camping in September.

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