Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Dempster Highway, Yukon

02 July 2015 - Thursday

Before heading south on the Dempster Highway, we took the dogs for a walk on the Hart Winter Road. This 'road' heads to the east a few kilometres north of the Tombstone Mountain campground.

Hart Winter Road sign
Sign at the start of the Hart Winter Road

dogs on the hart winter road
An easy hike along the Hart Winter Road

heading east on the hart winter roadThe road would be nasty when wet

Green scenery all around us

more scenery
Looking the other way, to the south if I recall correctly

The hike was pleasant, nothing too strenuous. Heading back to the campground we stopped for more pictures of Tombstone Mountain.

Tombstone Mountain

North Klondike River in the foreground and Tombstone way back

Back at the campground we decided to hook up and start heading home. Maybe try some fishing at some lakes along the North Klondike Highway. We pulled out of the Tombstone Mountain campground just after 12 noon, headed south.

Dempster Highway
Southbound from the campground, headed to the North Klondike Highway

Dempster Highway
View to the east

Sign on the Dempster Highway
92 km to Dawson City and 549 to Whitehorse

As I crested a hill and started descending I noticed something black on the highway. Then I realized it was a bear, so I grabbed my camera.

Black bear on the Dempster Highway
Black bear running southward on the Dempster Highway

Black bear running
The bear was moving a good speed, maybe in a hurry to visit the Wilderness Retreat

Road gets rough
Further along the road got a bit rougher

Nearing the North Klondike Highway
The dead end ahead is the North Klondike Highway junction

Last bridge on the Dempster
Single lane bridge with wood deck

We arrived at the junction at 1:35 p.m., so a 90 minute drive from Tombstone. At the junction we pulled into the gas station and filled with fuel. Then started the journey south on the North Klondike Highway. Here we go...southbound towards Tatchun Lake campground.

Passing by the junction
Looking north on the Dempster as I drove by the junction

southbound on the North Klondike Highway
Heading southbound on the North Klondike Highway

Some rough patches on the highway
Some rough spots here and there

Pelly crossing sign
Pelly Crossing in 2 kilometres

Pelly Crossing
There's Pelly Crossing, I'll be crossing that blue bridge in a couple of minutes

Distance sign
Clouds getting thicker - weather changed so no more pictures today! 

We overnighted at the Tatchun Lake campground, which is about a 15 minute drive from the highway. It's a nice spot, but was raining tonight.

It was still raining in the morning so rather than fishing we headed towards home. No pictures due to the rain. You can check my North Klondike Highway page to see the scenery. Or the trip we took in September 2012.

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