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Saturday drive to Tagish

21 March 2015 - Saturday

Spring officially sprung yesterday. Today was also a nice day, good for a drive.
We decided to head south towards Tagish. It wasn't too long before we saw some wildlife on a hill in the distance.

Elk on a hill
Elk on a hillside alongside the Alaska Highway

The south facing slopes of the hills have lost most of the snow.

Elk in the next hill
Elk munching the vegetation and relaxing in the sun

Continued through Whitehorse. Turned south towards Carcross on the South Klondike Highway.

Southbound towards Carcross, Yukon
Boundary Ranges in the distance

Emerald Lake was white today, covered with ice. See it in summer here (page bottom).

Emerald Lake in Yukon
Emerald Lake near Carcross

Turned left onto Tagish Road before reaching Carcross. We hadn't driven this stretch since 2009. The Tagish River was ice free...

Tagish River in Yukon
Looking south while crossing the Tagish Bridge - Tagish River

Further along, a caribou crossed the highway. It was deep in the bush by the time we got to it.

Caribou on Tagish Road
Caribou alongside the Tagish Road

At the Atlin Road, we turned south to a rest area by Little Atlin Lake.
Enjoyed our packed lunch while watching some folks ice fishing on the lake.

Little Atlin Lake in Yukon
Looking south along Little Atlin Lake

Tagish Road rejoins the Alaska Highway a few kilometres further, the junction is at Jake's Corner. We debated heading south to Johnson's Crossing but turned north towards Whitehorse instead.

Yukon River
Yukon River north of the Lewes Dam (Marsh Lake Dam).

It's not much further to Whitehorse.

Welcome to Whitehorse Sign
Welcome to Whitehorse sign on the Alaska Highway

Carried on through Whitehorse, headed home along the Alaska Highway.

Alaska Highway, north of Whitehorse
Salt Lake area to the right, Sifton Range ahead

Nearing home, we looked for the elk again. They were still munching!
This time I had my good camera in hand, rather than the point and shoot.

Takhini Elk
Elk on the hill

Takhini Elk herd on the hill
Munching elk

A nice drive on the first full day of spring!

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