Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Northern Lights over the Ibex Valley in Yukon

1 March 2015 - Sunday

The aurora forecast was good for this evening. At 9 p.m. I checked outside - sure'nuff! Grabbed the camera and tripod and headed outside for some northern lights.

Aurora with moon glare on the lens
Looking to the east - subtle colour with a lens flare from the moon

Swinging the camera to the northwest, I could see green.
The camera picked up some more colour.

Lots of colour in the northern lights
Streaks of northern lights to the northwest

Changing shapes fast - northern lights
The aurora moved quickly, shape shifting

The colour dissipated to the west so I swung back to the east.

Swirls of northern lights
Swirls of colour to the east

A hint of colour came out of the swirl and the green intensified.

Red in the aurora
Swirls of green towards Whitehorse

The swirl moved over the sky to the northeast of us.

Northern lights spiking in colour
The aurora going over the cabin

As the lights moved to the north, the streak became smudgy.

A streak of northern lights
Northern lights over the cabin.

The colour dissipated so I went inside to transfer the photos from camera to computer. Before heading to bed, I took another peek out the window. Wow!

Bright green in the northern lights
Bright colour to the north

It was time to go to bed. I heard from others that most of the night provided a grand display!

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