Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Drive to Kluane Lake area and some aurora

28 February 2015 - Saturday

A clear sky and warm temperatures made it very tempting to just go, go anywhere!
At about 3 p.m. we loaded up the dogs and headed out.

Alaska Highway and Kluane Ranges
Northbound on the Alaska Highway heading towards Haines Junction

It has been warm in recent weeks. The snow has been melting. There wasn't much here.

Not much snow on the Yukon mountains
No snow in the hills alongside the Alaska Highway

No snow along the Alaska Highway in Yukon
Snow? What snow?

Nearer Haines Junction there was more snow.

Alaska Highway view
The straight stretch heading into Haines Junction, with the Kluane Ranges as a backdrop

At Haines Junction we weren't sure which way to go but after seeing a sign indicating there were icy patches on the Haines Road, we turned northward on the Alaska Highway.

Alaska Highway scene
Heading north from Haines Junction

As usual, the drive was lovely. Approaching Kluane Lake, there was some light cloud in the sky.  We pulled into the rest area to give the dogs a chance to stretch their legs and pee.

Kluane Lake
Kluane Lake and Kluane Ranges over the Alaska Highway

Dogs on the Alaska Highway
Kodi and Ursa on the Alaska Highway

Because we started late, it was already after 5 p.m. Time to turn around and head home.

Sun setting on the Kluane Ranges
Sun setting over the Kluane Ranges north of Haines Junction

Paint Mountain on the Alaska Highway
Paint Mountain, east of Haines Junction

The evening continued to be quite nice as we carried on home.

RVer on the Alaska Highway
Truck and travel trailer heading north towards Haines Junction

The evening colours were relaxing as we neared home.

Sun setting on the Alaska Highway
Looking back from where we came

Later in the evening the clouds were out. So were the aurora!

Aurora came out after 10 p.m.

The moon was bright although not quite full. The brightness was diminishing the intensity of the aurora; too much light and the northern lights aren't as visible.  I noticed a streak of green near the moon so tried a shot that direction. The moon overexposed but the northern lights came out fine!

Aurora and moon
Northern lights and moon

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