Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Shortest Day & Longest Night (Aurora!) - Ibex Valley, Yukon

21 December 2014 - Sunday

The shortest day of the year...lovely day it was too. Took some time for a walk about around the property.

Ice on Creek
The creek stays open year round regardless of the temperature - maybe a warm spring nearby

The shadows and colours take a different tone this time of year.

Boundary Ranges
Boundary Ranges to the southeast

Kusawa Lake valley
To the south, with the sun at its high point for the day

In June, the sun is almost directly overhead, very different!
It rises and sets to the north of the cabin, shining through the windows on that side.

Creek Ice
Another of the creek - it isn't deep yet it doesn't freeze!

It was a nice day. Nearer bedtime, I took the dogs out for their pee. ACK! Raced back in to get my camera...

Apparently a geomagnetic storm is contributing much colour to the lights!

Aurora to the west
Looking to the northwest

Aurora to the west again
To the west

To the west again
To the east now

Aurora to the North
To the north

More aurora to the north with the cabin
Looking to the north, with the cabin lower right

Aurora - Northern Lights
To the east again, as the lights started to settle

The northern lights were getting quieter so I headed back to the warmth of the cabin. Just before I was to step in, I looked up! Wow! One last flash...

Northern Lights
The lights rolled away for the night

A perfectly wonderful day!

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