Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Drive to Kluane Lake - Alaska Highway, Yukon

9 November 2014 - Sunday

A good day to head out for a Sunday drive! Not much was going on until we saw some movement off the side of the highway.

Cow moose with her calf
Moose calf with its moose mom

Cow and calf mooseCow moose nibbling with her calf

Northbound on the Alaska Hwy
Approaching the Kluane Ranges

Carried on through Haines Junction, stopping only for fuel. 

North of Haines Junction northbound
Not a cloud to be seen north of Haines Junction

Approaching Kluane Lake
Kluane Lake from near Boutilier Summit

Kluane Lake
Driving by Silver City with Sheep Mountain in the distance

Sheep Mountain reflection
Sheep Mountain reflected on Kluane Lake

It was windy but not too cold. Leashed the dogs and hiked to Soldier's Summit.

Mud flats at Kluane Lake
Mud flats blowing in the wind

Soldier's Summit at Kluane
Soldier's Summit

After a nice lunch break we headed for home. The sun was starting to go low on the horizon.

Sun setting on Kluane Ranges
Sun setting to the west as we drove south to Haines Junction

Setting sun
Different sun set colours nearer Canyon Creek 

Sun set over the Alaska Highway
Looking from where we came as the colour fades. 

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