Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Willow Ptarmigan near Haines Summit, Haines Road

7 May 2014 - Wednesday

Left home about 3 p.m. with the intention of meeting with the Willow Ptarmigan near the Haines Summit, in the far northwestern corner of British Columbia.

Sure-nuff, the birds were busy in the evening sunshine.

Willow Ptarmigan
You looking at me?

These ptarmigan tend to run along the ground, taking flight only when alarmed.

Willow Ptarmigan
Striking a very nice pose for me - love their eyebrows!

Time to run...

Willow Ptarmigan
Turning tail and running!

Willow Ptarmigan
Taking a look back at me

One ptarmigan moved about quietly nearby, nibbling. Then it started scratching...

Willow Ptarmigan
Taking care of an itch

We stayed the night in the truck/camper. The ptarmigan were busy throughout the night. Their calls are so comical, when I'd wake up I couldn't help but smile as I went back to sleep.

Hear their calls at http://www.xeno-canto.org/species/Lagopus-lagopus

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