Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Takhini Elk Herd on the Alaska Highway

30 January 2014 - Thursday

Driving the Alaska Highway around 5 p.m. west of Whitehorse, saw some movement ahead. Got the camera ready...

Alaska Highway young elk
Young elk looking back at me

This herd is usually in this area, as indicated by the elk sign in the image below, on the right.

Elk on the Alaska Highway
Crossing the highway

Elk Cow
The elk were looking for food while they moved

The cow in the next image was separate from the herd, a couple of kilometres further on the highway. She was beside the feral/wild horses; the first time I've seen an elk near the horses.

Tagged elk alongside the Alaska Highway
Tag number 0261 and a radio collar

Horses on the Alaska Highway
These horses were a bit curious about me

winter on the Alaska Highway
Alongside the highway, lots of bare spots for eating

The night before there was no fog with some cloud, making for a striking sunset.

sunset along the Alaska Highway

Annie Ned Creek - Alaska Highway
Westbound near Annie Ned Creek on the Alaska Highway

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