Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

New Year's Day

1 January 2014 - Wednesday

The sky had a thick overcast this morning. Even so, morning dog walk must go on.
Good thing I tucked the point & shoot camera into my pocket; about 10 minutes into our snowshoeing I heard some Gray Jays making a fuss.

The Northern Hawk Owl was quite a distance away and the lighting was bad. Even so, I enjoyed seeing another owl on the property! 

Northern Hawk Owl in Yukon
Northern Hawk Owl and Gray Jay

The day stayed gray until near sunset. Then the skies brightened considerably!

Ibex Valley scene
Sun drift on the mountains

Ibex Valley - Mt Vanier
Close up view of Mt Vanier with the setting sun highlighting the blowing snow

Ibex Valley sky
More sun sinking and sky clearing

The sky continued to clear, letting the sun shine brighter!

Ibex Valley
Then like magic, the sky cleared and the clouds moved quickly to the east

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