Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Heading home on the Haines Road

22 September 2013 - Sunday

We woke feeling refreshed and glad to have a programmable thermostat in the camper, which turns on the furnace before we get out of bed.  The best kind of alarm clock!

Haines Road
Leaving Million Dollar Falls Yukon gov't campground

Blue sky was trying to show through. The morning light deepened the colours on the hills.

I'm sometimes asked whether I deepen the colours with Photoshop. My usual response is why fool with Mother Nature? These are her colours! I sometimes consider DE-saturating the red and yellows as they seem so intense BUT that is fall in the north! We live in high definition!

Haines Road
Looking to the east as we leave Million Dollar Falls Yukon gov't campground

Haines Road
Northbound on the Haines Road

Haines Road
Continuing north

Near Klukshu, a black bear was making a dash for the bush!

Haines Road
Black bear running for cover

South of Klukshu I took a shot out the window of the truck and later noticed two swans in my picture!

Haines Road
Migrating swans overhead

Then past Dezadeash Lake ...

Haines Road
Looking east over Dezadeash Lake

Made the turn into Kathleen Lake. Figured the campground was closed (it was) but I wanted to see how the lake looked. Was hoping for calm water. Figured we take the dogs for a bit of a stroll along the road to the campground rather than in the day-use area which was sure to be busy.

Haines Road
Spruce grouse greeted us on the road

Haines Road
Getting the dogs after I shooed the grouse away

At the day-use area, people were enjoying the day. Despite an unleashed dog running up and licking my hands and trying to lick my camera, I stayed focused (pun intended!).

Haines Road
Kathleen Lake on a calm day

While stopped in Haines Junction to fuel the truck, I took a few more pictures.

AK Hwy
View to the west of Haines Junction

A great weekend trip, yet again!

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