Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Bald Eagles at McIntyre Creek near Whitehorse

2 May 2013 - Thursday

On the way out of Whitehorse, I decided to drive along Fish Lake Road. Had heard much from many about the bird spotting along this road. The ice was very thick in places, while other places were clear and the birds were looking for lunch.

Bald Eagle in Yukon
Bald eagle along McIntyre Creek near Whitehorse

Bald Eagle
Note the water drop off this eagle's beak! It was poking around in the water ...

Bald Eagle
Keeping the feet dry

It was time to get home and prepare for our trip to Faro. Heading back, another bird on the ice caught my eye.
It was a long distance away and the car was my 'tripod'. At the time I didn't know what type of bird this was.

Reviewing the images at home, it was apparent this was a juvenile bald eagle having a bad day on the ice. 

Juvenile Bald Eagle
Wet with damaged feathers and an naked spot on its head!

Juvenile Bald Eagle
Drying the feathers in the chilly wind

Juvenile Bald Eagle
Drying ...

Juvenile Bald Eagle

Headed home to prepare of our trip to Faro for the Crane & Sheep Festival.

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