Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Bald Eagle with its lunch along the Alaska Highway

2 May 2013 - Thursday

WARNING: these images are of a bald eagle eating a red squirrel. The images are very graphic so please don't continue if you tend to get queasy at the sight of blood!

As usual, the camera was resting in my lap as I drove to Whitehorse. Again, I was hoping to see some elk. My eye caught something white on a gate crossbar. A quick u-turn and the white spot became a bald eagle.

From the distance, I thought it had something in its talons. Initially I stayed back to take some shots in case the eagle flew off. It didn't, so I moved closer. It still stayed on the gate's crossbar. A couple of more moves and I was almost under the eagle. As long as I stayed in the car, the eagle was patient. When I tried to open the door, it became agitated. So I continued to take pictures through the window. Also tried to be sure it didn't toss anything on top of me as it pulled the red squirrel apart.

Bald Eagle in Yukon
The eagle took note of my presence

Bald Eagle in Yukon
The bald eagle was tossing fur around (see left side of the crossbar)

Each time I moved closer in the car the eagle would study me for a bit, then return to eating.

Bald Eagle in Yukon

Wow ...

Bald Eagle in Yukon
The eagle was handsome, no doubt

Bald Eagle in Yukon
Gruesome yet somehow mesmerizing

Bald Eagle in Yukon
Very intense look

I wanted to stay longer but had errands to get done in town.

Bald Eagle in Yukon
Scouting for more?

Interestingly, the dogs sat quietly in the car watching the eagle. Usually, the local grey owl, the red-tailed hawk and the ravens get the dogs hyped up. Maybe this bird was too big and intimidating!

After I had my errands done in Whitehorse, I drove along Fish Lake Road and caught some more bald eagles in flight, fishing in the creek, and a juvenile that I thought was just wet but looking at the pictures it seems it was seriously injured.

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