Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Golden Eagle along the Alaska Highway

26 April 2013 - Friday

Heading home I was hoping to see some elk along the Alaska Highway.  No ungulates on this day though. Then I noted something on top of a power pole along the highway, thought maybe it was a falcon.  Going by, I realized it was a Golden Eagle. Turned around and pulled over to the side of the highway to take pictures out the car window.

These eagles don't often sit still when I stop, but this one did.  It had been scanning across the forested area but then it took note of me ...

Golden Eagle
The eagle took note of my presence

Golden Eagle
It wasn't sure about what I was doing

In this next shot, the eagle's right eye has an opaque look to it.  Maybe it was blinking.

Golden Eagle
Looking the other way for its right profile

The eagle decided to move to the next pole, away from me.  I followed in my car and parked again on the highway shoulder and took pictures out the window. Note that right claw!  Wow!

Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle still watching me

There was a strong wind blowing so head and breast feathers were fluffed.

Golden Eagle
Feathers fluffing in the wind

Golden Eagle
Taking another good look

Then it decided to move on, again.  

Golden Eagle in flight
Golden Eagle taking flight

The eagle flew away and started circling over a river.  Too far for pictures.  Even so, I was happy to finally capture this bird with the camera!

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