Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Aishihik Road and Otter Falls

7 October 2012 - Sunday

Thanksgiving long weekend in Canada. We contemplated a weekend camping trip but instead stayed home to continue chores.

Sunday we decided to drive towards Haines Junction and turn towards Aishihik Lake.  We had visited Otter Falls in June 1996, and Steve recently went in with a visiting friend.  When I was a kid living in Yukon, my mom drove us into Otter Falls now and then. In 2013 we drove the whole Aishihik Road, up to the old airfield.

 sign along the Aishihik Road
Sign at the start of Aishihik Road

Otter Falls
Otter Falls running high!

Close up of Otter Falls
Another view of Otter Falls running high

Looking downriver from Otter Falls
Looking downriver from Otter Falls

Another view of the falls
Another view of Otter Falls

Otter Falls 

Sign past the Aishihik campground
Sign heading northbound at the Aishihik Campground

Lake view
View of Canyon Lake southbound

views to the west
Looking to the west as we're southbound on the Aishihik Road

More west views
More west views as we head southbound

Back to Otter Falls, made famous by the old five dollar bill. In June 1996, Otter Falls looked like this:

Otter Falls in 1996Otter Falls in June 1996 

Otter Falls in September 2012
Otter Falls on September 1, 2012

In October 2012 after the leaves have fallen for winter, Otter Falls looked like this:

Otter Falls, Yukon in October 2012
Otter Falls on October 7, 2012

It is amazing how little the trees have changed in 16 years!

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