Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Top of the World Hwy & Clinton Creek, Yukon

5 September 2012 - Wednesday

We woke to a decent day. Not sunny, but not raining. After our dog walk, we headed up the Top of the World Highway. To the west, the skies were clearing.

Top of the World Highway, Yukon
Fall colours on Top of the World

Top of the World Highway, Yukon
More fall colours

Top of the World Highway, Yukon
The fall colours are brilliant in September!

In the 1970s my family visited Clinton Creek and Itoured the asbestos mine at Clinton. I've been keenly curious about the area. This year we were going in!

Clinton Creek Road, Yukon
Road into Clinton Creek & Forty Mile

Clinton Creek Road, Yukon
Fall colours were brilliant on the drive in!

The Forty Mile River Bridge was in decent shape with some rough spots on the bridge deck.

Bridge across Fortymile River, Yukon
Bridge crossing the Forty Mile River headed towards the mine site

There are warning signs advising folks that travel is at their own risk.

Clinton Creek, Yukon
The warning sign at the access to the old mine site

We parked near Clinton Creek. Then walked up the ridge to the old mine site.

Abandoned Clinton Creek Asbestos Mine, Yukon
Refurbished Clinton Creek, attempting to control the flow from Hudgeon Lake

Abandoned Clinton Creek Asbestos Mine, Yukon - Hudgeon Lake
Hudgeon Lake, beautiful to look at but apparently a dead, toxic lake deep down

Abandoned Clinton Creek Asbestos Mine in Yukon
Walking southward towards the Porcupine Pit

Abandoned Clinton Creek Asbestos Mine in Yukon
The southeast side of Porcupine Pit

Porcupine Pit, Clingon
The east end of the Porcupine Pit, with the north side of the pit shown on the right

Clinton Creek Asbestos Mine in Yukon
Remains of the aerial tramline

Asbestos Mine in Yukon
Antiquated equipment

structure at Abandoned Clinton Creek Asbestos Mine in Yukon
Not sure what this structure is in the side of the waste rock area

Clinton Creek mine access
Walking down the mine access road towards Clinton Creek and our truck & camper

Clinton Creek mine road
Looking back as we drive away

Time to think about a camp spot for the evening. We'd been told there was a spot alongside the Yukon River near the historical town site of Forty Mile. From the Clinton Creek road it was about three miles on a narrow, rutted single track road. At the Yukon River we parked and hiked into the historical town site located where the Forty Mile River flows into the Yukon River.

Forty Mile and Yukon Rivers, Yukon
Forty Mile River on the left, flowing into the Yukon River on the right

Back at the road beside the Yukon River, we decided to overnight here despite an offer from a local to camp at their place.

Yukon River, Forty Mile, Yukon
Yukon River near Forty Mile

We settled in for a very quiet evening. Had a nice campfire, enjoyed some good food, and thoroughly enjoyed the quiet with only the sound of the Yukon River flowing by. 

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