Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Old Crow, Yukon

23 August 2011 - Tuesday

This was my first visit to Old Crow, a very rural community north of the Arctic Circle that is accessible only by air.  See my map of Yukon to see where Old Crow is located.

On this day, I enjoyed a flight with Air North, Yukon's airline.  The weather was perfect!

Flying into Old Crow, Yukon
The landscape as Air North approaches Old Crow. Yukon

Miles and miles of tundra and muskeg!  The visual impact was stunning!

Old Crow, Yukon
On approach to the Old Crow Airport

At the airport, Air North has all the passengers exit the aircraft.  I ventured out to the front of the terminal building, where I met a fellow most willing to pose for me.  Turned out he once worked in my hometown of Beaver Creek, Yukon!  So we shared some stories about people we both knew!

Old Crow, Yukon
In summer, ATV.  In winter, snow machine! Primary means of transportation in Old Crow

Front of air terminal at Old Crow, Yukon
Front of the air terminal at Old Crow, Yukon

Life in the north can be basic.  At Old Crow, groceries and household goods are flown in.  Here, the plane is unloaded and the goods sorted for delivery to the community.

Unloading Air North at Old Crow, Yukon
Crew unload goods at the Old Crow airport

Then time to board the Air North flight for Fairbanks AK.  Folks in Old Crow who wish to fly to Whitehorse must first go through Fairbanks AK, clear customs, then reboard and continue on the flight to Whitehorse.  A big circle route ...

Old Crow, Yukon and Air North
Air North loading passengers headed for Fairbanks AK

I stayed in Fairbanks for a few days, tending to business.  Then enjoyed the next Air North flight home to Whitehorse. 

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