Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Kentucky-Alleyne Provincial Park to
Manning Provincial Park, B.C.

1 October 2010 - Friday

Today, we (along with the numerous others), were being ejected from the campground. 

The Kentucky Lake campground was scheduled to close today even though it was
Friday and a gloriously bright sunny day!  We figured 'they' should at least wait until Sunday since most of the campsites were occupied and would have remained so for the weekend.  Oh well, it isn't the first government policy that hasn't made sense to me.

Before we left, I took some pictures.

Dew on dandelion fluff, B.C.
Morning dew at Kentucky Lake

We were both still thinking about Tazz, and each of us took time alone to reflect upon her death on this trip.  Kentucky Lake was beautiful and provided the perfect venue for our thoughts.

Steve at Kentucky Lake, B.C.
Steve on the beach on Kentucky Lake 

One last look from the campsite ...

Kentucky Lake at Kentucky-Alleyne Provincial Park, B.C.
View of the Kentucky Lake from our campsite

At the park entrance, we turned south to backtrack to Highway 3.  The weather was so nice, I was hopeful of convincing Steve to overnight at Manning Provincial Park.  He was getting antsy to be home to have time to unpack BUT I didn't want to go home. 

The drive towards Manning Park on Highway 3 is our kind of highway.  Hills, curves and trees!  At the junction of the road leading to Lightning Lake campground in Manning Park, the truck made the turn! 

After settling in and having some lunch, we headed out to kayak Lightning Lake. 

It was a very restful afternoon on the water.  Steve was a hearty soul and took a refreshing dip in the lake at our lunch stop.  I stayed dry!

Lightning Lake in Manning Provincial Park, B.C.
Sue kayaking on Lightning Lake

Another quiet evening around the campfire, realizing it was our last night on the road AND likely our last night camping this year.

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