Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Osoyoos to Okanagan Falls, B.C.

27 September 2010 - Monday

It was another gloriously warm (hot?) day.  We're not used to sleeping when the
nights are so warm!

Today we needed to sort out where to get the truck repaired and where to beach the
fifth wheel while the truck was in the shop.  Haynes Point was nice BUT it was also $30/night with no services.  It was also a bit far from the closest Ford dealer in
Penticton who said they could take the truck in this afternoon.

Okanagan Lake Provincial Park was just a bit north of Penticton but still $30/night.  Then I noticed Okanagan Falls Provincial Park, within cycling distance of Penticton (with a good cycling trail) AND only $21/night.  Decision made.

Before leaving Haynes Point, we took a walk to see the sights.  There were many birds and one human!

Haynes Point, B.C.
Having a bird bath on Osoyoos Lake

Haynes Point, B.C.
Giving the photographer the evil eye ...

Haynes Point, B.C.
Walking on the very tip of the point at Haynes Point

Then we were off to Okanagan Falls Provincial Park to check it out.  It was only about
45 minutes north of Haynes Point.

Found a nice site, disconnected, unloaded the gear from the truck, and then Steve took the truck to the shop.  Afterwards he rode his bike back to the campground.

It was still warm.  Busy too.  We hoped the truck would be ready tomorrow, as promised.

Meanwhile, we strolled around the small town of Okanagan Falls, a.k.a. OK Falls.  Surprisingly, there were some birds!

Actually, this gal was interesting ... her colours were not at all normal for a mallard:

White mallard at OK Falls, B.C.
An odd duck at Okanagan Falls

She was a very curious duck.  There were five or six mallards snoozing together on the dock; she was the only one to be curious about me.  She swam over with her mate following.  Then she walked up the beach towards me ... too close for my zoom lens!

Mallard at Okanagan Falls, B.C.
My odd duck was very inquisitive 

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