Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Nakusp to Christina Lake, B.C. on Highways 6 & 3

25 September 2010 - Saturday

Once again, on the road at 10 a.m. Figured we needed to start winding our way home.  Highway 6 south of Nakusp and then Highway 3 headed west are very scenic drives. 

Again, I wasn't taking too many pictures, but took these southbound along Slocan Lake.

Our fingers were crossed that the steering knuckle & ball joint would hold together.  Steve had checked it and there was a significant amount of play.  When parked, the tire was obviously off kilter.  A bit worrisome, but we hoped to make it to the Okanagan to have one of the Ford dealers do the work on Monday or Tuesday.

Southbound along Slocan Lake, BC
Looking north on Slocan Lake from Highway 6 - N49 49.521 W117 26.521

Southbound along Slocan Lake, BC
Westward view from Highway 6 - N49 49.224 W117 27.019

Southbound along Slocan Lake, BC
Again, looking north on Slocan Lake from Highway 6 - N49 49.179 W117 27.154

Southbound along Slocan Lake, BC
This time looking south on Slocan Lake - N49 49.031 W117 27.732

At about 2:30 we figured it was time to make it a day.  The Backroad GPS map showed Gladstone Provincial Park (Texas Creek) just ahead, on the shores of Christina Lake.  It was late enough in the season that some of the provincial parks were closing.  Even so we drove in to check it out. 

Looked good so we settled in.  It was a very nice afternoon.  Steve took a swim in the lake, which had numerous boats zipping back & forth.  Both of us knew Tazz would have loved swimming & playing in the lake.  There was even a dog beach!

Both of us were still feeling angry that Tazz had died, and how she died.  She was too young and such a happy-go-lucky little girl who was just discovering how to play freely. 

Christina Lake on Highway 3, British Columbia
On the lake shore at Christina Lake, from Gladstone Provincial Park - N49 07.820 W118 14.904

The campground remained quiet for the evening.  No one came around to collect a fee so we dropped by the campground host site ... turns out it was off-season, the campground was remaining open but with no services.  That explained why all the bathrooms were locked and there was no firewood available!  Not a problem! 

It was a nice spot!  

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