Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

At Sidney Lake on the South Canol Road - ahhhhh!

13 August 2010 - Friday

Today was a day for hanging around to enjoy the sun, lake and wilderness!

We enjoyed a very quiet evening last night. This morning chatted with our neighbours, who were from Germany. It was great that we all enjoyed the peace and quiet. I found myself really liking our new friends yet I also wanted to respect their privacy.

The lake was flat calm and clear this morning.

At Sidney Lake in Yukon on the South Canol Road
Looking southward on Sidney Lake along the South Canol

Just beautiful!

At Sidney Lake in Yukon on the South Canol Road

We headed out in the kayaks with Tazz. It was warm this morning, and this was likely the reason Tazz decided to take a swim in the middle of the lake. Once in the water she realized she had no place to go! Steve managed to pull her into his lap, getting himself very wet! Figured it was best that he hold her until we were beached so I set myself up to tow Steve & Tazz to shore.

Tazz's dip didn't stop me from getting a picture of the fifth wheel in the distance at our camp spot. The white spot in the middle of the image below is the fifth wheel ...

At Sidney Lake in Yukon on the South Canol Road
Camping at Sidney Lake

In the afternoon our friendly neighbours asked if I had any advice regarding their Garmin GPS. The maps weren't working correctly so their new GPS wasn't helping them much. Fortunately I had the Garmin software with me so the fix got underway. 

Steve and Ralf went fishing in their canoe while Astrid and I loaded software onto her laptop and configured their system for the Garmin hardware. I had not seen Microsoft software display in German before so had to rely on my memory of the menu systems. When memory lapsed I described to Astrid what menu item I was looking for. Between the two of us, and our generator powering their camper for a few hours while the laptop chugged away, the issues were resolved!

It was another quiet evening. Steve went fishing while I uploaded photos from the cameras and cleaned house. The evening was warm but it cooled enough to make sleeping more comfortable. 

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