Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Watson Lake to km 1048.5 on the Alaska Highway

11 August 2010 - Wednesday

Damn computer wasn't in any better shape at 10 a.m. And despite some additional dickering until about noon, there was no improvement. Fortunately, it was a Dell laptop with a recovery partition on it so I made the executive decision and went through the processes to reformat the usable drive and return the hard drive to its original state.

Before arriving in Watson Lake I had been able to pull many files off it by using good old MS-DOS. Had also packed most of the software disks and had a portable hard drive with much back up on it too...so things were getting back on track.

Most essential to our trip was the Garmin software for the GPS, which I use to live-track our position when we're exploring unfamiliar country. Via the Garmin, we also locate many of our favorite boondock spots in the middle of nowhere. Also important was the software for my photography. With the laptop loaded, I felt whole again!

We left Watson Lake at 2 p.m. Just needed to get away from civilization again! About 3:30 p.m., barely north of km 1048, the Garmin indicated we were approaching a possible boondock spot I had waypointed earlier. Sure enough, there it was!

We needed a break and after walking in to check out the spot, we decided to stay. Steve capably backed into the lakeside camp spot. Then he decided it was time to try some more fishing!

Unknown lake north of Watson Lake on the Alaska Highway
Lakeside camp spot at an unnamed lake north of Watson Lake

The sunny skies were nice. The lakeshore was marshy. The fishing poor. And there was a family of loons on the lake who weren't amused by our presence. 

Unknown lake north of Watson Lake on the Alaska Highway
Unnamed lake north of Watson Lake, looking southward

Later in the evening it rained a bit. We looked forward to a good night's sleep knowing we were in the middle of nowhere with no one around!

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