Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Crooked River Provincial Park to Heart Lake Recreation Site

3 August 2010 - Tuesday

Again, Highway 97 was an easy drive. Stopped at Bijoux Falls to take a look. Had not stopped there before even though the Milepost guide made it sound interesting. The parking area is small, almost too small for our truck and fifth wheel.

Bijoux Falls, Hwy 97, British Columbia
Bijoux Falls just wasn't that interesting - most folks seemed to be stopping to use the outhouses!

This trip we wanted to camp in new-to-us out-of-the-way locations. There are many recreation sites between Prince George and Dawson Creek. This trip we also wanted to drive fewer miles each day and enjoy the recreational opportunities.

In Pine LeMoray Provincial Park there is a small recreation site/campground by
Heart Lake. The access road is at N55 30 16.1 W122 34 49.2. The GPS indicated a short steep road to the campground. It was a rough road but not too difficult towing the 25' fifth wheel. Thus, today was a short driving day, only 150 km!

Access to the lake is difficult from the campground, so folks were camped in the boat launch area. Some RVers pulled into the campground later. It is a nice spot with no fees. Most of the campsites are small but there are a couple suitable for a smaller fifth wheel. We had to disconnect to get the trailer leveled adequately.

Heart Lake Rec Site, Pine LeMoray Provincial Park, British Columbia
Campsite at Heart Lake

Steve figured it was a good evening to try some fishing.
There was still smoke in the air even though we were far from the fires.

Heart Lake, Pine LeMoray Provincial Park, British Columbia
Kayaking & fishing on Heart Lake in Pine LeMoray Provincial Park

Of course, Tazz also enjoyed a dip in the water!

Heart Lake, Pine LeMoray Provincial Park, British Columbia

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