Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Lac La Hache to Crooked River Provincial Park, Hwy 97

2 August 2010 - Monday

Humans & dog slept well last night despite the smoky environment. The truck and fifth wheel were covered with ash from the forest fires, blown in overnight.

Headed to the lake after breakfast. It was so smoky there wasn't much to see! Tazz loves water so she wasn't too concerned about scenery. The fires were west of the lake.

Lac La Hache Provincial Park campground, British Columbia
Looking southwest over Lac La Hache

The day was warm but Tazz was the only one enjoying the water.

Lac La Hache Provincial Park campground, British Columbia
A train on the west side of Lac La Hache, barely visible through the smoke

Highway 97 northbound was not too busy so made good time.

Our destination for the day was Crooked River Provincial Park, a nice spot beside Bear Lake. When we pulled in at 3 p.m. the campground was still busy with long weekend campers, but most were parked in the day use area. Thus a great campsite was available! 

Lac La Hache Provincial Park campground, British Columbia
Campsite 49 at Crooked River Provincial Park by Bear Lake

This evening we took a hike to Square Lake, a nearby marshy lake. LOTS of bugs. Steve was covered in his own blood from swatting flies while they munched on him.

The campfire ban meant no fire tonight so cooked hot dogs on the RV-Q. Tazz enjoyed more play in the lake. There was much less smoke here so breathing was easier too. 

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