Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Liard River Hotsprings to Keane Lake, BC

9 September 2009 - Wednesday

The day had come to leave our favourite hotsprings. The plan was to backtrack to Watson Lake then turn south on the Cassiar Highway. 

South of Liard, a herd of bison was enjoying some roadside dining.

Alaska Highway, BC
Bison along the Alaska Highway just north of Liard River, BC

I was intrigued by one grand bison that pretended to be eating but was actually involved in a covert operation involving watching us. I needed to get out of the truck to get a good picture and Steve suggested I stay beside the truck. With my Kluane Lake grizzly experience in the back of my mind I heeded Steve's caution and snuggled the front bumper while taking a few pictures of the big beast!

Alaska Highway, BC
This grand fellow didn't seem to appreciate his picture being taken

The Alaska Highway between Liard and Watson Lake is good driving.

Alaska Highway, BC
Northbound on the Alaska Highway between Liard River and Watson Lake

The fall colours weren't out yet but the Canada geese were heading south already.

Alaska Highway, BC
Flock of geese doing the same thing we were ... heading south!

Usually this time of year, the trees have turned colour. The highway was quiet though as we meandered back and forth between BC and Yukon on the Alaska Highway.

Alaska Highway, BC
Northbound on the Alaska Highway between Liard River and Watson Lake, Yukon

Alaska Highway, BC
View of swamp along the Alaska Highway, just south of Watson Lake, Yukon

Watson Lake is considered the "official" entry point to the Yukon. A sign on the south end of town greets travellers.

Alaska Highway, BC
Sign at the south end of Watson Lake, Yukon, welcoming folks to the Yukon

A quick fill-up in Watson Lake and we turned south on the Cassiar Highway.
Just a few miles south of the Alaska Highway the Cassiar Highway enters B.C.

Cassiar Highway, BC
Southbound on the Cassiar Highway at the Yukon and British Columbia border

Not sure where we would stop for the night, I started my research. Checked the GPS for waypoints created on our northbound leg. Just south of the Yukon/B.C. border there was a waypoint with a note that it might be a good boondock/camp site spot. Sure enough...Keane Lake was beside the highway, easy to access, had a campfire ring, and the sun was shining. What more did we need?

Cassiar Highway, BC
Boondock camping spot on the Cassiar Highway at Keane Lake, just south of the Yukon/BC border

Cassiar Highway, BC
Keane Lake, on the north end of the Cassiar Highway, BC

Cassiar Highway, BC
View from the RV dinette window of Keane Lake, BC

The night was very quiet. Very few vehicles went by during the evening.

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