Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Million Dollar Falls and Dalton Post, on the Haines Road YT

3 September 2009 PM Exploring

The world-renowned Tatshenshini River is near the Million Dollar Falls campground. Dalton Post is the starting spot for many river rafting adventures and it is near the campground. It seemed a good evening for more exploring!

The access to the road to Dalton Post is a few miles north of the Million Dollar Falls campground. It isn't marked so we relied on the GPS. The road is a narrow gravel road, not well-maintained, but drivable. The grade is steep descending to the river. 

Dalton Post, Yukon
Road down to the Tatshenshini River by Dalton Post

The Tatshenshini River is almost underwhelming at this location. It would make for an easy put-in spot for river rafts though.

Dalton Post, Yukon
Looking south along the Tatshenshini River

Dalton Post, Yukon
Looking northwest along the Tatshenshini River

Dalton Post was a trading post, circa 1890, on the Dalton Trail. Some of the old buildings still remain, although not in very good condition. The buildings are located on First Nations land and there are signs requesting visitors to please respect the history and the land.

Dalton Post, Yukon
Historic ruin at Dalton Post, Yukon

Dalton Post, Yukon
Cabin at Dalton Post near the banks of the Tatshenshini river, apparently used seasonally by fishers

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