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Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park to
Boya Lake Provincial Park on the Cassiar Highway

26 August 2009 - Wednesday

There is a good hiking trail from the Kinaskan Lake campground that follows the lake shore. Makes a great dog walking spot!

This morning an eagle watched our progress. He certainly caught our attention! I think he was looking for breakfast and wisely decided the dogs were a bit too big.

Kinaskan Lake on the Cassiar Highway, British Columbia
Eagle at Kinaskan Lake, British Columbia

Kinaskan Lake on the Cassiar Highway, BC
Eagle giving us the evil eye, perched high above Kinaskan Lake along the Cassiar Highway

Kinaskan Lake, British Columbia
Kinaskan Lake in the morning, viewed while on our dog walk

Back on Cassiar Highway heading north, the paint lines disappeared.

Cassiar Highway northbound near Kinaskan Lake
Cassiar northbound between Kinaskan Lake and the Stikine River

The road is steep and winding down to the Stikine River.

Stikine River Crossing warnig sign
Warning of steep grades before descending to the Stikine River northbound 

The asphalt ends and the gravel/dirt started.

Stikine River Crossing
The descent to the Stikine River northbound

The Stikine River bridge is narrow, one lane only.

Bridge at Stikine River Crossing
Single-lane bridge crossing over the Stikine River

The climb out is steady and steep. This is the area that washed out a few years ago.

Climb up from Stikine River Crossing
The steady long climb on the north side of the Stikine River

The further north one travels, the more rustic the road becomes. It is good driving, but one must stay alert for the potholes and frost heaves. As well, wildlife can often be seen through this area.

Cassiar Highway northbound
Cassiar Highway northbound

View of Gnat Lake area
Gnat Lake area

Cassiar Highway near Dease Lake
Cassiar Highway northbound before Dease Lake (Dease Lake is visible left side of the picture)

North of Dease Lake the highway has long been gravel. Nasty stuff when it is wet, too. This year was no exception on our trip north...on our way south we were in for a surprise though (stay tuned!).

Cassiar Highway construction zone
Construction zone north of Dease Lake

Approaching the Dease River Crossing, we spotted the first moose this trip. The commercial campground at Dease River looks fine. Have never stopped to stay so can't comment on the facilities.

Dease River Crossing on Cassiar Highway
Dease River Crossing, a commercial campground along the shores of the Dease River

Dease River, BC
Dease River looking north

The scenery improves as the miles continue northward.

Cassiar Highway northbound
Cassiar Highway northbound, north of the Dease River Crossing

We enjoy the Good Hope Lake area.

Approaching Good Hope Lake northbound on the Cassiar Highway
Approaching Good Hope Lake northbound on the Cassiar Highway

Boya Lake! Our MOST favourite provincial park in British Columbia.
This place has a calm energy that soothes our souls. We couldn't wait to get out in the kayaks!

Kinaskan Lake, British Columbia
Kayaking on Boya Lake in the late afternoon

The skies became blue as evening settled in. It was very relaxing, quiet and peaceful.

Kayaking on Boya Lake
Kayaking on Boya Lake in the late afternoon

Ahhhh ... time for a great night's sleep!

Sunset on Boya Lake, BC
Sun setting at Boya Lake

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