Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Liard Hot Springs, Alaska Highway in British Columbia

06 & 07 July 2008

Liard Hot Springs is a few hours south of Watson Lake on the Alaska Highway. It is also one of our favourite spots. The Cassiar Highway was our planned route home so we would be backtracking from Liard. Even so, the opportunity to soak was not resisted!

We usually plan two or three nights at the B.C. provincial park (see my page dedicated to Liard Hot Springs in all seasons). It was nice having the cooler days this year, as it made the hot springs more enjoyable, similar to spring or fall.

Liard Hot Springs, British Columbia
View westward from the boardwalk leading up to the hot springs

The start of the boardwalk to the hot springs below. It takes about five minutes to reach to Alpha Pool. The boardwalk is well maintained with benches, litter bins and ashtrays along the way. Please don't throw your cigarette butts in the wet areas.

Liard Hot Springs, British Columbia
Liard hotspring boardwalk - July 2008

While soaking in the pool you will usually hear many tall tales of the road conditions and campgrounds. In 2008 I heard a fellow recount a terrible story that was so far from the truth and his 'facts' were a decade off the timeline.

Liard Hot Springs, British Columbia
Alpha pool at Liard Hot Springs

The Beta pool is a short distance further along the boardwalk. It is less popularand is deep and murky. Unlike the Alpha pool, you cannot wade around. The silence can be eerie, sometimes. (NOTE: this pool is now closed to conserve a rare species of snail).

Liard Hot Springs, British Columbia
Beta pool at Liard Hot Springs

Squirrel at Liard Hot Springs, British Columbia

This little fellow was amusing. He seemed to take particular delight in tempting the dog.

We stayed at Liard Hot Springs two nights.

Each night the campground filled to capacity with most staying just one night.

We needed the extra time to soak the dust away!

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