Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

South Canol Rd - Lapie Lake to the Campbell Hwy, Yukon

9 September 2007

Lapie Lake (km 163) was a nice spot for camping. Quiet. Peaceful.

We planned to stay two nights; however a strong wind made it very cold in the morning. So we headed north towards the Campbell Highway and Ross River. As we drove along the valley there were glimpses of sun in the distance.

South Canol Road, Yukon
Fall colours were abundant on the valley floor

South Canol Road, Yukon

There were some very narrow spots along this section without room for passing.
There was not any traffic and we able to stop to take pictures.

South Canol Road, Yukon overlooking Lapie River
South Canol Road high above the Lapie River and valley

Lapie River & Valley near South Canol Road, Yukon
View of the Lapie River from the South Canol Road.

South Canol Road, Yukon
Northbound on the South Canol Road towards Ross River

South Canol Road, Yukon
Looking back towards the south as we head north on the South Canol, with road signs on the right

South Canol Road, Yukon
On the South Canol Road at the bottom of the valley before climbing the hillside northbound

We encountered some steep steady climbs, taking us from valley bottom to ridges above. 

South Canol Road, Yukon

Along one hillside there were very few places where vehicles could pass. We debated what would happen if we encountered another vehicle. Fortunately, that didn't happen.

Narrow road on the South Canol Road, Yukon
This picture is from our July 2008 trip, and shows the narrow hillside road without shoulders

The road descends quickly to the Lapie River bridge.

Lapie River Bridge - South Canol Road, Yukon
Lapie River bridge (km 210) at the north end of the South Canol Road

Sign at Lapie River Bridge
Sign before the Lapie River bridge

The Lapie River bridge is the start of a hiking trail along Lapie Canyon. Most trails are not well marked and we spent some time looking for this one. It was worth the search.

Lapie Canyon - South Canol Road, Yukon
Lapie Canyon & bridge from the hiking trail

Lapie Canyon - South Canol Road, Yukon
Lapie Canyon further down the trail, with the bridge still visible in the distance

The end of the South Canol is just a few minutes past the Lapie River Bridge.
It is a steep climb out of the valley, on another narrow one-lane road.

Sign at North end of South Canol Road, Yukon
Sign at the Campbell Highway at the north end of the South Canol Road

At the junction we turned left to fuel up in Ross River.

Sign at north end of South Canol Road, on the Campbell Highway
Sign on the Campbell Highway at the exit from Ross River

We stayed the night at the Lapie River Yukon gov't campground, a bit west of  Ross River.
The next day we headed south with plans to overnight at Frances Lake campground.

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