Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Boya Lake BC to Squanga Lake, Yukon
on the Cassiar Highway and Alaska Highway

5 September 2007

It rained most of the night and into the morning. The sunrise, combined with the fall colours and rain, provided a unique picture.

Boya Lake in the morning
Boya Lake in fall colours

North of Boya Lake the Cassiar Highway was in good condition.

Cassiar Highway in British Columbia
Cassiar Highway northbound towards the Yukon and the Alaska Highway

The Cassiar Highway improved at the BC/Yukon border a few miles from the Alaska Highway.

Yukon sign on the Cassiar Highway
Crossing from British Columbia into the Yukon on the Cassiar Highway

Tonight's camp site was Squanga Lake Yukon Gov't campground, km 1316 on the Alaska Highway. We enjoyed camping here before and looked forward to visiting again.

Squanga Lake, Yukon
Squanga Lake looking northward from the campground

Squanga Lake in Yukon
Jake testing the soft, unstable mud bottom of Squanga Lake

We were the only people at the campground. We enjoy the solitude and quiet!

Squanga Lake campground, Yukon
Campsite at Squanga Lake Yukon Government campground

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