Yukon Sights by Sue Thomas

Prince Rupert BC and the Cassiar Highway to Stewart BC

2 September 2007

The next morning we did a short tour of Prince Rupert. Then drove east on Hwy 16.

Prince Rupert, Hwy 16, Canada

We made it to Stewart. It rained all the way to Meziadin Junction and then got worse when we reached Stewart. Stayed in a commercial campground because of the torrential downpour.

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3 September 2007

In Stewart, the Info Centre advised that it would not be worth our while to drive to Salmon Glacier due to the overcast and fog. We figured we were here with nothing better to do, so why not?

Fish Creek is on the way to Salmon Glacier. It is a popular spot for grizzly bears to feed on salmon. There is a protective boardwalk for the humans, who get very excited when a bear appears. This bear appeared while no else was around because of the rain.

Grizzly at Fish Creek near Hyder Alaska
Grizzly feeding at Fish Creek

Grizzly at Fish Creek, Hyder, Alaska
Grizzly at Fish Creek near Hyder AK

Grizzly at Fish Creek near Hyder AK
Grizzly looking for more food at Fish Creek

After strolling through the wetland, the grizzly finally found its dinner!

Grizzly at Fish Creek near Hyder Alaska
Grizzly feeding at Fish Creek

The road continues past Fish Creek on the way to Salmon Glacier. A short distance up, travellers re-enter British Columbia. The road surface also improves greatly, which seems odd.

British Columbia, near Hyder
Re-entering BC on the way to Salmon Glacier

After driving through the clouds, Salmon Glacier was visible from the parking area.

Salmon Glacier
Salmon Glacier 

Salmon Glacier
Wide angle shot of Salmon Glacier

On the way back down the mountain, the glacier continued to be spectacular.

Salmon Glacier
Toe of Salmon Glacier

The road to the glacier and back can be rough in spots. It appeared this area had recently experienced a slide and was repaired.

Road to Salmon Glacier
Recent road repair

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